IC Berlin Malaysia – The First Screwless Sunglasses

If you’re looking for an item that’s screw-free, Ic Berlin Malaysia offers it. Since the 1920s this manufacturer has produced frame that are screwless. It is the first company to manufacture sunglasses made of sheets of sheetmetal that are screwless. The frames are built using a hinge that is screwless, which allows the glasses to be broken down with no tools, and then put back together in 3.3 minutes.

IC Berlin is Germany’s largest nightclub as well as a shopping center. This landmark mall has served the metropolis for more than fifty years. The store’s unique design is an absolute must for all Berliners. Everything ic! starting from designer German glasses to casual and costume wears. Berlin has everything. Even if you don’t feel you’d like visiting the German capital, you are able to purchase prescription glasses on the internet.

The range of trendy glasses available at ic Berlin Malaysia is extensive. From simple to big, these stylish frames are made to complement the shape of your face and personal style. A wide selection of colours and styles offered ensures anyone can find the perfect frame to suit her. Ic berlin Malaysia offers eyewear to suit any budget or style. There is no better brand to choose from in Malaysia. There are many reasons to test ic berlin and you need to pick the best one for you!

IC berlin offers a unique shopping experience certain to impress any man. The brand has something for everybody, including their fashionable collections and their sophisticated bars. Accessories and glasses from the brand have an international appeal that will suit modern women. You can find designer sunglasses from Germany, casual wear as well as cool glasses at ic Berlin.

ic! is a Malaysian company which produces sunglasses that have European tradition. The Malaysian company Berlin makes high-quality sunglasses. The brand stands apart from other brands in an industry that is saturated with brands of eyewear. The brand’s philosophy isn’t based on origin or heritage however, rather, on the attitude of someone that is constantly looking to be unique.

IC Berlin is one of the most reputable eyewear company. Many stores in Malaysia offer their exclusive range of eyewear that is designed by a professional. They’re eye-catching and fashionable with a broad variety of choices to meet any taste and preference. If you’re in search of unique glasses, then ic! Berlin Malaysia is the place to look. The brand’s glasses are sold in more than 20 countries and it is worth a trip.

The glasses of IC! Berlin’s eyewear is manufactured in Malaysia. Every pair of glasses is made by hand at its own facility, ensuring that they’re unique and authentic. Since 1897, the brand has produced eyewear since its inception. In Malaysia the market is growing. There are more than 60 shops. If you’re looking to purchase an item, make sure you visit one of them.